Friday, November 30, 2007

New Mauve Naif at HQ

The colours in this one are SO GREAT!
I think this T would also look great with black jeans

We're so amazed by artist/designer Catherine LeBrun, she just keeps blowing us away every time she brings in some new tops from her Mauve Naif line. As I've mentioned before, these tops are HAND-FREAKIN'-PAINTED! Catherine really takes the idea that the t-shirt is a blank canvas and runs with it. The deep V neck longish t-shirts she chooses to paint on are also pretty fab from the start, with a great boyishly sexy fit for girls, and a nice classic slim cut for guys.

She just dropped off a whole junk-load of new designs this week (only some of which are pictured here), so don't forget to check them out on Saturday if you stop by for the IPWMTT (It's Probably Worth More Than That, I'm not writing it out anymore) vernissage.

As if I don't own one yet. This is a real problem...

The zip-up hoodie is a new addition, previously all the hoodies were pullovers. Zip-up is a great option, it helps one avoid staticky hair, and the ever embarassing "oops, I lifted up both shirts by accident"

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