Thursday, November 22, 2007

Gaudy and Gold

A nice little art deco panel with a green vintage bead

Just the way I like it!

I just put together a few fun and flashy gold necklaces, which are now down at HQ. I picked up some beautiful semi-precious stones to mix in with the flashy gold/bronze vintage bits I found, and am quite happy with the results.

The photography on the other hand .... well, it was convenient.

Sorry folks, too busy sewing, crafting and working to take decent pics, but if you can manage to get through the snow and slush head down to HQ this weekend to see them in person, they're much nicer than in the pics!

The tiny aqua bead adds a little special something

Even though the pic is so small you'd need
some special sort of CSI computer program to see it,
this necklace has an amazing crest in
the middle of it, with some fun charms hanging off the lower chain

A cute vintage enameled crab becomes the centerpiece for this one

OK I know it's over the top, but I couldn't resist.
And I don't even care if no one likes it or buys it,
'cause I'm gonna wear it all over town even if no one else will!

Sweet filigree and simple vintage ivory plastic beads

I made a few different varieties of this one.
The center is a semi-precious stone, and there are cute
vintage plastic fruit beads on either side.
I put together 3 gold versions and 2 silver ones,
all with different coloured beads and fruit.

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