Thursday, November 29, 2007

Little Miss Bossy tells you what to do this weekend

As a totally unrelated aside, we have a whole whack of the
Little Miss and Mr. Men books at HQ, always a popular gift,
but also good instead of giving someone a card, checking in at around $5

People who know me well know I am often a very bossy person. In fact there are probably multiple people doing things right now which I have told them to do (or not to do). One of them is supposed to be Tyson, but he's probably the only one not doing what he's told. He's really good at standing up for himself, since he knows I'll always forgive him. I guess that would make him Mr. Charming?

For those weakwilled folks out there who can't stand to say no to me, this is what you will be doing this Saturday:

- Get up early, drive to Ottawa to check out the Ladyfest "Not Your Grandmas Craft Sale" and do some early X-mas shopping. It starts at 10am, find out more info here.
- After eating a delicious lunch, leave Ottawa in your dust and head back to Montreal for the Flea Affair Craft Sale to do a bit more X-mas shopping and maybe get something for yourself.
- Take a shopping break, and grab a bite to eat or take a nap (or both!)
- After dinner head down to HQ for our Second Annual "It's Probably Worth More Than That" Christmas art show (see more info, above right). If you're looking to buy some art at this show, I seriously recommend that you get there early-ish, since this show sells out fast and the pieces this year are AMAZING!

OK that's it, my fit of bossiness is over. Go about your business. Or go get me some dessert.


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