Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Winter Colour Combo

Lately I've been thinking a lot about colour theory... in terms of outfits that is. I'm always on the lookout for interesting new combos, something a little "off" or different from the norm. For example, I am wearing a pair of red jeans today, but I'm really picky about what I wear them with, and am very wary of the red/black/white combo.

#1 because it was my favorite combo in grade 7, and I feel I've hopefully developed my fashion sense somewhat since then.
#2 because I think I might end up looking like an emo kid. And I'm 27, and that would be bad.

So instead I like to wear them with navy and brown, or pale yellow, or a dusty mauvy pink (it works, I promise). White still works in my opinion, and heather grey is great as well.

In the same vein of thought, I zoomed in on this pic from Facehunter, and really love the combo of the navy/heather grey/cognac. Not brown, not beige, COGNAC. I need boots in this colour, they are now officially on my list.

And when I do find them, I will try my darndest to find a nice turquoise/robins egg blue bench to sit on and look pretty.


Leanna Welch said...

One of my favorite color combinations is red and an icy (silvery) pale blue. I also love a red/cream/heather combo. I just stumbled on your site from AT NYC. I live in Northern NY and I look forward to visitng your shop next time I am in Montreal.

Angie & Tyson said...

Ooh yes, red and icy blue, beautiful!

Maybe I should be on the lookout for an icy blue blouse, that would be great...