Friday, November 16, 2007

Hunting for Winter Warmth

Wool and satin coat from Valerie Dumaine

Snow may be on it's way, so the time has come to be sure you're prepared to bundle up. If you're looking for a winter coat we have a few nice options from Valerie Dumaine, as well as two beautiful grey tweed one offs designed by me!

Wool/Poly blend oversized coat
with satin lining, by me!

We also have beautiful hand felted scarves and neck warmers from Olivin Designs (designed by two contemporary dancers from Winnipeg), wool sweaters from Majolie and cute little tweed blazers from Soi Disant.

Wool sweater with a great pattern,
puffed sleeves and neck tie by Majolie

I'm also working on reworked sweaters for the guys by taking nice old "grandpa" sweaters, slimming them down along the torso and arms, then adding small vintage fabric appliques in geometric shapes. So simple yet so stylish! We've got two in store now, and I'm working on some more.

I'm still sad that summer is over, but the time has come to bundle up.
I make myself feel better by thanking my lucky stars I'm not still freezing in Winnipeg (sorry friends and family!)

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