Wednesday, November 28, 2007

New Stock From My Favorite Mirror

Yay! We just got in new stock from My Favorite Mirror, one of my favorite indie companies! I love the MFM product, but I also love the fact that owner Kellee appreciates indie artists enough to offer TONS of her little mirrors with the art of some of our favorites on them (over 25 indie artists available in their online shop, and we have almost all of them at HQ). So even if you can't afford a piece of art by one of these great artists, you can at least have a little mirror!

To give you a little background info, My Favorite Mirror is a small company based smack dab in the middle of the US, Fort Wayne, IN. The company is made up of Kellee & Matt Milner. They lived in NJ for a few years, but moved to the midwest to be adventurous and to save money! Kellee says that Matt likes to tell people they're hillbillies, but she has to remind him there aren't really *any* hills in Indiana. Most importantly, every product on their site is made by them, by hand. They don't outsource, they don't mass produce. If you have one of their products, you can be glad to know that your hard-earned dollars are supporting not only Kellee & Matt and the artist whose illustration graces the item you've bought (and also HQ of course).

In the latest load that we got, we've slipped in a few old faves, but also ordered tons of new designs, as well as a fun new product, coaster sets! Enjoy the pics and some background info on a few of the artists:

Susie Ghahremani of BoyGirlParty

(above) Susies beautiful coaster set which we have in store.
We also have a few of her mirrors.

In my opinion Susie Ghahremani wins the award for best company name. She is a painter, crafter, musician and keeper of finches. She made art and messes at the Rhode Island School of Design some time ago and currently resides in California where she works full-time on making things out of other things. View her illustrations or her line of gifts under the pseudonym boygirlparty at

Jenny Hart of Sublime Stitching

Jenny at work on the original embroidery
used as a print on the mirror!

Jenny Hart is a designer and artist based in Austin, Texas whose works in embroidery have been published and exhibited internationally. Part fine artist, part craft revolution pioneer, she is also the founder of Sublime Stitching, a seminal DIY design company launched in 2001 to revitalize the craft of hand embroidery, and is a member of the Austin Craft Mafia, and regular contributor to Supernaturale.

Jill Bliss of Blissen

We have the lovely coaster set,
as well as a few mirrors from Miss Bliss

Jill Bliss draws, sews and makes things in her studio everyday. Nestled in between two majestic redwood trees and an ancient cherry tree, one hour north of San Francisco. Jill's small company, blissen, collaborates with others to make beautiful, useful and thoughtful items in limited editions from reused materials. She's even worked with the wonderful people at Little Otsu, who make some of the beautiful planners and notebooks we carry. +

Eleanor Grosch

Perhaps you recognize her graphics from a
recent collaboration with Keds?
I know Amanda Moss should, she owns a pair!

From a young age, Eleanor drew animals. She drew them at home, she drew them in school, she drew them on vacation, in the car, when she was sick, whenever she could. She rarely drew people; there was just something special about animals that held her interest and continues to do so.

Caitlin Kuhwald

I just love this image, reminds me of the scruffy yet
super smart 10 year old boyI met in St. Henri this
summer while walking my dog Spidey

Caitlin Kuhwald is an artist from Oakland, CA. I couldn't find any bio info on her site, but I think her work is really gorgeous.

Ashley G. & Drew B.

Love the soft colours with the bright
yellow hair in this illustration by this duo

Ashley Goldberg, 25, and Drew Bell, 28, are creative partners in crime, living and loving in St. Louis, MO. They live with Isadora the cat and mounds of shipping supplies. Oh-- and they work really well together.

Emily Martin

I adore this apple head painting, so dreamy

Emily Martin is a painter, scribbler and stitcher living and working in Athens, GA. She really likes the phrase "cottage industry," and founded hers, The Black Apple, in 2005 after graduating from college.
Currently, she makes paintings, dolls, sculptures, and fabric goods and her online shop carries these, as well as pins, paper goods, and totes featuring her images. You can read her blog to find out loads more about her, as well her creations. I will tell you this: she loves rabbits, fruit, baking, fancy socks, her kitten Miette and vintage clothing.

Stella Im Hultberg

I am in LOVE with Stellas paintings.
I would love to have her illustrate an entire clothing collection
instead of doing a photoshoot.
That would be amazing.

Stella is a painter living and working in New York City, and is good friends with our very own Yana of Supayana! Despite her background in industrial design and toy design, she has recently turned to a more personal and expressive kind of creating, showing her works at galleries from late 2005. When she’s not drawing or painting, she likes to eat while thinking of more food to eat; search for the perfect cupcake; eat ice cream at the park; and just walk around her most favorite city in the world.

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