Friday, November 23, 2007

A Flea Affair to Remember

This message goes out to all those crafters looking to sell their wares at a new local craft sale this holiday season. Two ladies by the name of Diana Ramirez and Jill Smith are hosting the newest arts and crafts fair on December 1st called the "Flea Affair".

The Flea Affair is a play on words -Flea Market / Social Affair, the purpose of which is to provide local artisans and other entrepreneurs a platform to sell their goods to the public at the height of the giving season via a table at the fair. Each table goes for $40 for 7 hours of selling time, followed by a vendors cocktail after the fact in the same space.

The deadline for entry is Thursday November 29th (that's next Thursday so hurry!!)

The location is the Centro Gallego de Montreal, 4602 St. Laurent; 11-6pm.

The Cole Choir will be dropping by to entertain everyone, alongside Dj accompaniment throughout the day, and the Centro Gallego will be catering.

So far they have already brought in a variety of vendors, and they are now looking forward to filling up the last few tables. They would love to fill up the last few tables with some more local crafty folks.

Those interested may contact me them at this address: or at

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