Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Light Show II

Awesome happy fun time!!!

It was another success thanks to Jen Storey for curating the second Light Show.

Untitled by James "Scorpion Dagger" Kerr

"It's A Horse" by Stefan Harhay

"Time Squared" by Tristan Breeuwer

"Hipsters vs. Scenesters" by Evan Melnyk
$300.00 each

"Spirit Machine" by Neil Doshi

Untitled by Marc Simard

"Petite Maison" by Audreane Bosse


"Make Some Noise" by Jen Storey
$35.00 each

untitled by Kevin Ledo

"Monster Totem" by Tyson Bodnarchuk

"The Great North" by Jen Storey

"Hive" by More Than A Friend

G-Spot rocks the G-Spot!

"Gotta Light?" by Fred Casia
$50.00 each

"Ensauvasement Enwildment" by Vandal

Untitled by Yana Gorbulsky

Untitled by Melissa Del Pinto
$450.00 & $400.00

"Chic Types", "Birds" & "Bats" by Benjamin Deshaise & Dominique Fournier
$150.00 each

"666/2" by Elaine Ho

"Aparatif" by Michelle Storey

Stefan & Judy knock boots!

The Light Show II runs for the entire month of November, so if you couldn't make it down to the opening there is still time to see the exhibition.

Until next year..........

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ratsdeville said...

this show looks awesome