Monday, November 05, 2007

Sample Jeans at HQ

So the "one-off" samples at HQ were a big hit. Thanks to all my friends (and strangers too) who liked my designs enough to make them their own.

So I had this idea that maybe we should start selling some one-off jeans at HQ as well. As many of you may or may not know, I design a denim and tops line for my full-time job, and SO many of the best styles/fabrics never go into production. So they just sit here in our office forever. Well not really forever, but for a really long time.

So how would you guys feel about having one offs of jeans at HQ? They would mostly be in sizes 26-28 for girls, and 31-33 for guys. Would it be awesome to have access to one (or four) of a kind jeans, or frustrating if you can't find your size? These jeans would obviously be at a lower than usual price, since there are no sizes available. They would sell for around $50-$70. Not bad for jeans made right here in Quebec, using Japanese and Spanish fabric!

I'm not sure how many responses I'm going to get here on the blog, but please, let us know, we want your input! If you have any other points to make feel free to bring them up in the comments section as well.


Pony of Prey said...

Hey Gie... I like what your up to!

Angie & Tyson said...

yup, just makin' surveys, you know...