Friday, July 07, 2006

Outfits of the Week - June 7, 2006

Could these 2 girls BE any more different?

The sweet girly one, is wearing a dress made of vintage fabric from BLUEprint (Montreal), a Seahorse printed yellow T from Buy Olympia (Olympia, Washington), a felt birdy brooch from PinPals (Montreal), a black puff shoulder purse from NaMoDa (Toronto) and a crystal pendant necklace from Glittery Vitamins (Montreal)

Now, the tough bitchy girl....

She's wearing a flourescent splashed skirt with metal studs from Vanessa Moore (Montreal), a white modal halter top from Perplex and Lola (Montreal), a tassle necklace from Vanessa Moore (Montreal), a black macrame vintage purse and a black rubber cuff from Marzio Fiorini (Brazil)

Maybe they're both bitchy, maybe they're both sweet, who knows!?

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