Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Getting to know ... Hannah Zakari

There's a package of new stuff on the way from one of our new suppliers, Rachael Lamb, whose line of jewellery and accessories is called Hannah Zakari. What?! Why confuse us all with 2 different names, why not name your line "Rachael Lamb", it's a very cute name. There is a legitimate reason, and here it is. Rachael tells me that the name "Hannah Zakari" was chosen after a trip to Japan during cherry blossom season, and "hanazakari" means blossom in Japanese. Well then, I gues we can accept that explanation and get on with it.

Not only is "Hannah Zakari" Rachaels line of jewelry/accessories, it is also the name of her website which, much like HQ, sells the wares of independent artists/designers. Rachael is based in Scotland and we think it's super nice to get a little likeminded freshness from the other side of the pond! Rachael is a strong believer that things are more interesting and fun when not mass produced, and thinks that a little variety in the production process is a good thing. So while the best of us like to grab a little something from Urban Outfitters or H & M once in awhile, we still need that extra special oomph that lines like Hannah Zakari can bring to our wardrobe.

So why have THIS conversation:

"oh wow, where did you get that totally awesome vintage necklace?"
"Um, Urban... but it was on sale"

When you could have THIS one:

"oh wow, where did you get that totally awesome vintage necklace?"
"Oh, it's actually not vintage, it's from this designer from the UK who uses vintage beads in her line, I got it at Headquarters"
"oh, maybe I'll go down and get one this weekend"
"Um, actually it's one of a kind, sorry"

ah ha, thought so!

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