Monday, July 10, 2006

Getting to know you

So, the big "Getting to know you" group exhibition has finally come and gone. It wasn't easy to organise 40+ artists and hang 70+ pieces of art but well worth the effort. Aside from the evening being incredibly hot and sticky, the turnout was better than expected and the atmoshere was perfect. We were happy to meet in person some of our out of town designers and artists (Yana of Supayana, Lisa Dejohn, Team Macho and Angel Perez) as well as catch up with some old friends who participated and came down to celebrate with us (Jason Kennett, Garrett van Winkle and Roy Liang of Dumb Chauffeur).

Evening highlights included:
-An unknown stranger chaining his/her white bike to artist Neil Doshis bike, preventing him from heading to the next party, and causing unintelligible screaming on Neils part.
-Huge quantities of new stock arriving a few hours before the opening
-Olympic quality high kicks from Team Macho
-Fabulous imperial rolls from Pho Viet (2 doors down, check them out!)
-tropical temperatures
-Some sort of laying on the floor/belly blowing incident.... not quite sure about that one
-People learning a valuable lesson about sitting on skylight windows, caulking will melt in 30+ weather and stick to your behind
-Noticing that customers in HQ are comfortable taking off their shoes, even if they're not trying on new ones
-The truly fashion devoted will not let hot weather stop them from trying on skinny jeans!
-constant beer runs, enough said
-A visit from the amazing sisters Anne Dandurand and Claire De with an autographed copy of Annes new book "The Waiting Room" and a preview of Claire's beautiful recycled plastic jewelry. A quote; "no piece of plastic in the city is safe!"
-James Kerr and Kev Simard showing their total lack of fashion sense by saying a dress looked like "a bikini top with a barrel on the bottom". Unbelievable.
-A slight "cayenne pepper" taste in the back of the throat for some people enjoying the couch
-Seeing so many vaguely familiar faces then putting a name to the face
-Gary overcoming severe vertigo to keep the music going and the beer flowing
-Writing a long boring list of memorable events....oh no.. wait... that was today

More photos will be up in the next couple of days, and if anyone has any special photos of the night that they would like us to post send them to:

Thanks to everyone who came out, all the artists, our sassy beer/wine ladies and Gary the dizzy DJ.

Next up: Paul Zacharias in August (for all those at the grand opening, the severed head painting guy) More details to come in the following weeks

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Angie Mason said...

The Show looks Great I wish I could of been there! ^___^