Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Hello Hello Catherine Hunt!!

OK, usually I don't use this post for personal stuff (um, the store is considered "business stuff", even though we own it, those are the rules OK!)

BUT... I just got a Mr. Rogers magnetic postcard addressed to Headquarters from a long lost friend from university, Miss Catherine Hunt!!

AND... no return address, no contact info! So, I'm using this blog as a forum to tell her:

"for Gods sake woman give me a call or send me an e-mail, you can totally sleep on our couch!"

Cat has just recently graduated from the masters program at the University of Iowa, studying clothing restoration, historical aspects of clothing and all that. Hopefully she'll come visit us in Montreal, hopefully she'll see this message, hopefully we can sit around and obsess over buttons and ribbons again some day.

so, as revenge for sending me a postcard with no return address, I'm going to post this picture of her that I found on the internet, doing her little restoration thing on an old wedding quilt. So there!

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