Thursday, July 13, 2006

Getting to know ... Blackmission

A new designer (new to us at least!) stepped into our store a week or so ago and introduced herself to Tyson as Nadia Bunyan, the designer of a line called Blackmission. Tysons response to all things fashiony is to reply "I'll get Angie to look at it", so he asked Nadia to e-mail us some pics so we could see what her line is all about. Now I've fallen in love with the fresh look of her photoshoot, her bold yet thoughtful use of colour and her equally fresh approach to cultural diversity in fashion.

“blackmission” designs left Nadia Bunyan’s cutting room floor in 2004 to reach Montrealers who are ready to confront and surpass blind perceptions, using their wardrobe as their ammunition. Inspired by Bunyan’s West Indian heritage, and business partner, Mirella Pallotta’s Italian background, “blackmission” creations promote a straightforward ideal that an individual owes no apologies for their identity. Combining vintage prints with contemporary fabrics, this brand presents well-made, bold creations with an untimely freshness that compliments any wearer’s personality.

“blackmission’s” success at presenting a relevant statement in the fashion world, while staying true to the company’s vision, awarded the company the opportunity to outfit the hostesses at the exclusive Garden of ONO in New York, earlier in 2005. In keeping with the colour rule that black is the presence of all colours, the duo of Bunyan and Pallotta are determined to use their clothing line to promote communal cohesion through cultural diversity.

Blackmission will be available in HQ for Fall 06, so keep your eyes open in August/September for new stock from this dynamic duo. Kapow!

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