Saturday, July 29, 2006

Fun Stuff

OK, due to technical difficulties with our computer at home, I won't be able to post the "Outfits of the Week" until Monday, as well as info RE the "Revelations of Zacharias" exhibition this coming Sat. (July 5th) as well as the launch weekend. But don't despair, as an apology I have decided to give up a list of fun activities for the blog addicted. These are some of the sites I like to browse once-in-awhile for inspiration or just for distraction, here we go: - One of my faves, all home decor/design related stuff, Grace (the blogger) seems very nice too - green design, here we come. Super interesting, super inspiring, makes me want to live in a tree house - hunting for cool stuff, 'nuf said - the best in refined taste, chic boutiques in NY
- pick your city, pick your daily candy - a site, and a book. topics range from city/balcony gardens to new home products. Best part: tours of strangers homes, very fun! Also a "pick your city" kind of site. - OK this is the site for Readymade the magazine, but check out the forum, it's really entertaining, if you like to build stuff of course. - OK, I probably shouldn't even mention this one, because they are kind of our competition, but what the hell, we don't really work that way. They are an online boutique selling handmade stuff just like HQ does, so we must support them. Besides, we know you would rather come down to HQ and hang out with Tyson and our fish James.
- Toronto based, the Toronto Fashion Incubator helps support and develop up and coming fashion talent. Also, a good blog by Carolyn Rohaly about the trials and tribulations of starting a fashion business
- See our previous posts, Montreal talent exposed

OK, that's a shortlist, I'm sure there are some I've forgotten. Enjoy these blogs, but don't forget to come back to HQ once in awhile!


Anonymous said...

um, for future readers, theres a mistake in the web address. the correct one is
lol, or else its a link to an asian website :P

Angie & Tyson said...

Sorry 'bout that everyone, the address is now fixed, and is also now linked to the site.