Thursday, July 20, 2006

Getting to know ... Kick It Fashions

OK, so I'm writing the previous post, and I realize that I have not yet blogged Kick It Fashions, who we have been dealing with since the VERY BEGINNING, and who is one of our best selling lines. I'm a big jerk, seriously.

Kick It is designed and made by Jac, a boy originally from New Orleans, but who now lives in New York. I first found out about his line when I bought one of his t's at Peuce POP (a fun craft/art fair thingy, check it out) during POP Montreal last summer, and I totally still love it. It's a "mens" shirt, but that's why I like it, so simple yet such a perfect non girly fit. Oh and it has brass knuckles amongst other things printed on it. Soooo me. Right.

Anyways, all of Jac's designs are unisex, which I think is really great. I love it when people come in the store and they're all like "what size is this, I don't understand" so I tell them the tops are unisex and that they should just try one on to see what fit they like. They are totally confused because no one is telling them "this is a ladies/mens small, this is how it should fit", so they start experimenting a bit more. Completely fun to watch.

Jac's graphics are great and the shirts are soft and a little longer, so if you like them long you can leave them, or if you want them shorter you can just cut them off a bit and that looks great too.

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