Thursday, July 20, 2006

Congrats to Furni, Supayana & Rebecca Turbow!!

We are soooo proud of you guys!

Check out the most recent issue of Readymade (there's a DIY outdoor bar on the cover) to get a how-to lesson for the sporty tennis racket cover purse by Mike Giles of Furni and his lovely lady Judy Lawrence! Being one half of the Furni team Mike is more used to working with wood and glue and saws, but something tells me that Judy has brought out his crafty side. Power couple!

Also, take a look-see at the most recent issue of BUST magazine (with Tara Subkoff, designer of Imitation of Christ on the cover) for a wonderful feature on none other than the amazing Supayana! Lovely and talented and very hardworking too, way to go Yana!!

And last but not least, right beside Yana in BUST is Safe by Rebecca Turbow. This line has just been brought to our attention by Jac from Kick It Fashions (to be featured shortly on the blog, but if you've been in the store, you've seen his freakin' fabulous t's).
Way to go Rebecca!

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Anonymous said...

thanks angie and tyson!!!

i miss montreaaaaaalllllllll! :(