Monday, July 31, 2006

What to Do This Weekend, Part Deux

OK, now on to the other great thing you will be doing this weekend, and I do mean the whole weekend...

It's the launch party weekend, and they've taken on the enormous task of planning a whole weekend of fun stuff to do to celebrate this great event, the Indyish Arts Weekend at The Mile End Cultural Centre (The Main Hall).
Here's a quick rundown:

Weekend events will feature a 24 Hour Music Video Making Contest:
The MVMC 24hr is a twist on the old film-in-a-day. Participants will receive a song from one of three up and coming Montreal bands; the first three bands on Telefauna, Shoot the Moon or Sara Johnston. Video-makers will then have 24hrs to acquaint themselves with the song, and make the visuals for it. The bands will watch them all when they come back in on Sunday, and pick their favorites to screen that night at the party. Winners will get Club Soda guest passes, and future screenings and promotion.

Want to make a music video? Go the to book your spot.

After the Indyish Weekend MVMC participants will have a week to polish their video before the Screening and Wrap party at the Acting Studio of Montreal on Stanley, where we'll get to watch all the music videos played in the order they came in.


The Indyish Weekend also features a 24 Hour Consistent Variable Project: The CVP 24hr is a fibre arts design challenge that begins with 50 identical mystery kits of materials and ends 24hrs later with a photoshoot, vernissage and some wild variety.

Designer and project founder Clayton Evans will launch the CVP 24hr with CVP Workbook author and Indyish co-founder Risa Dickens. Haven't CVP'd before? You can spend the first hour of the project with us checking out the workbook, and getting help, if you want it, from the professional designers behind Re-Gen, Hastings and Main, Pearls Before Swine and complexgeometries (the first designers on Three designs selected by these designers will be proudly displayed at Headquarters Galerie & Boutique in the weeks following the event, hooray for interconnection!

Want to CVP? Go to to book your spot.


The Indyish Weekend also features a MadCap Community Clothing Swap, hosted by Punch Shoe and costume designer, and burlesque star and director: Melissa Cartwright. Bring your bags and boxes of old and gorgeous things, swap them with other generous style mavens, and rest assured: unswapped items will find a good home with the Mile End Mission.


The Indyish Weekend also includes an introductory workshop on 2 Free and Open Source Software Tools For Artists. Open source programmer and workshop leader Jean Marc Dufour will be leading this free bilingual workshop, showing off some of the useful things you can do with Scribus, a desktop publishing program, and Inkscape, a vector graphic drawing program.


Throughout the weekend, the Mile End Cultural Centre will also be home to the insta Indyish Store, with lots of great items from the site for sale.


The evening of August 6th is the Indyish Show, hosted by Darren Curtis from Kidnapper Films, and stand up comedian, Claire Brosseau. The night will feature performances by Shoot the Moon and Sara Johnston, who we'll be welcoming home from recording a new Bran Van 3000 album. The winners from the Music Video Making Contest will be announced and screened and the results from the Indyish Poster Competition and the 24hr Consistent Variable Project will be on display all around the venue.


Daytime events are open to both Indyish artists and guests of all ages and experience levels.

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