Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Some pics of a few of our lovely artists & designers

Jen Storey with her mixed media piece (the elephant circus lady one)

Neil Doshi with his simple yet mesmerizing painting, received the day of the show, in true Neil fashion

Roy Liang of Dumb Chauffeur and his beautiful purses made from vintage 60's textiles and leather. He also makes those great vintage kimono/leather pillows, cute pencil case/bags that say "I Fucked your Mother", printed T's and recycled track jacket teddy bears. Oh yeah, and he also made the shirt he's wearing.

Artist Lisa DeJohn with her collaged piece (the donkey and house one)

Pegger Jason Kennett, with a small amount of his large series "screwdriver" and "toilet", paintings/pen on cardboard. (why does it look like I took a mug shot and photoshopped it onto the background, WTF Jason!!!)

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Kelly Zarb said...

Sounds like the store is going fabulously , which is awesome, great job Angie & Tyson. Lots of love from Kelly Zarb (Melbourne, Australia)