Friday, July 28, 2006

Getting to know ... Indyish! Indyish! Indyish!

OK, Indyish isn't really one of our suppliers or artists or anything like that, but they are a super cool new web site that has the same end goal as Headquarters (to support indy artists and designers, just in case you haven't been paying attention).

In December 2005, Risa Dickens co-founded with her web developer love, Elran Oded. Alongside several other local Montreal artists (complexgeometries, Worn Fashion Journal, Sara Johnston, Kidnapper Films) they began to give indie artists the opportunity to stand together with their works. The main goal of Indyish is to work for the independent artist while recognizing the strength in local community, neighborhood sites, and real world collaboration. That's why they're Indy-ISH; growing in the space where personal creativity meets organized collectivity. will be officially launched Summer 2006. To celebrate the site launch they're holding an Indyish Arts Weekend at The Mile End Cultural Centre (The Main Hall). (see next blog for more info on this great event!)

So who are they? Who finally combined the techno intelligence of coding and the creativity of indy designers? Are they going to take over the world?! One can only hope.....

I present to you.....The Indyish Founders!:

Risa Dickens is an author / web publisher with a masters degree in Communications from Concordia University. Currently, she is writing on topics related to open source theory, concentrations of knowledge, and the power of networks. Her writing has appeared in many places, including the Canadian Journal of Communication, Worn Fashion Journal
and Open Journal Montreal ( Most recently, Risa published: "The Consistent Variable Project Workbook Version 1.0" using,the world's fastest-growing provider of print-on-demand books. She co-founded with her partner Elran Oded to have a place to sell and talk about the brilliant things she and the people in her community were making.

Elran Oded is a web developer, internet consultant, and serial entrepreneur. His professional interests include: linux, security, networks, open source softwares, and web standards. He is founder of TouchBasic Networks, president of PC Cruiser Ent. Inc. and website administrator for sites including:,, , and; Elran helped co-found because he believes that "code is art" and couldn't resist an opportunity to demonstrate this point and in the process, help merge two seemingly different worlds. Elran is a man of the people, a man who wears many hats (but these days he mostly wears the blue one).

To contact the crafty people at Indyish, pick one of the below e-mails:

By phone: 514-274-1650
General Info:
Artist inquiries:
Website related:
Straight to the top:

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