Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Vintage Chloe at HQ?!!!???!!!!

After a very successful vintage harvest last weekend HQ is proud to present a fresh crop of vintage shoes, purses and homewares, including a pair of VINTAGE CHLOE WEDGE HEEL NAUTICAL COLOURED SANDALS!!!

Have 7 words ever gone together more perfectly?

Here's the kicker (no pun intended), they are a size 8-8 1/2!!!

A totally wearable size, these shoes will probably not be around for long, so come see them for yourself (and it also wouldn't hurt to see some of the other beautiful sandals we found)


Also, much of our Spring/Summer stock is now on sale, so maybe that perfect little top you were saving up for is now a little cheaper..... a little tempting, no?

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