Monday, July 31, 2006

What to do this Weekend, Part Un

So, you're probably sitting at work/home, thinking about what to do this weekend, maybe even making some plans.... STOP IT! YOUR PLANS HAVE ALREADY BEEN DETERMINED!!!

Um, sorry. Actually they have though, since this weekend we are hosting our first solo exhibition at HQ Galerie, "Revelations According to Zacharias", paintings by Paul Zacharias.

To give you a quick lowdown on Paul here a few points you may want to remember so you can introduce yourself and have something to talk about:

-Paul is from Winnipeg, in the past has lived in Montreal, but is now back in Winnipeg and working in the film industry doing artsy stuff
-Paul just bought a house in Winnipeg, congratulate him! Maybe even give him a spare padlock for his door...
-Paul has shown in both solo shows and in group exhibitions in many a fair city including: Montreal, Winnipeg, Toronto and Minneapolis
-Paul has some very influential Winnipeg friends whom he is very modest in discussing... but the word on the street is that they belong to some kind of lodge/cult
-Pauls show is on saturday August 5th from 6-11pm, beer and wine will be served for a small donation. Music will be provided, as well as free pepper spray.

We hope to see you all down at the gallery on the 5th, stay tuned for Part Deux of "What to do this Weekend!"

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Anonymous said...

admittedly, i was drawn into your shop by a jwalkin brooder- only to find myself face to face with the artist and invited to return for the show. and i did. whoa ponies... anyone else feel a delicate breeze of mortality sweep them?