Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Attention Deadbeats!

Well, Christmas is coming in... lets see here.... HOLY SHIT, FIVE DAYS!! I'm sure all of you are finished your shopping right? No? Well, if you want to avoid screwing yourself by going to the ass-to-ass crowded malls, I made up a little list of some good, cheap gifts we have gere at HQ. Here's my top 13 (because top 10's are for morons).

13. Cute, fun & violent wallets from Roadkill.

12. Drawings by Garrett van Winkle- Winnipeg artist Garrett sent in 24 water color and ink drawings that are so kick ass, I had a hard time hanging them instead of just keeping them for myself!! They’re only $25.00 each! Is he retarded? There are only a few left though, so if you want one you better hurry!

11. Classic kids picture books- Where the Wild Things are, There's a Nightmare In My Closet, Mr. Men (FYI-awesome substitute for a card), In the NIght Kitchen... pretty much anything by Mercer Mayer or Maurice Sendak.

10. Snapcrafty Jewelry- awesome shit made by this girl Sandra, from Michigan

9. Damned Dollies - Local Montrealer, Dana De Kuyper makes these amazing dolls that are either armed with knives or pounding beers. This is always a killer gift.

8. Statue Park ep.- The new 4 song ep from Montreals Statue Park is pretty awesome. Prepared to have your ass blown off!

7. Charcoal Designs jewelry- super cool, super fun jewelry by east LA crafter Laura Stokes.

6.Furni Creations- Montreal based company that makes super rad clocks, lamps, cutting boards and other home accessories. Fuck IKEA, fuck the mall, Furni is where it's at!

5. Kick It Fashions- NY based designer, that makes really cool t-shirts. Always a crowd fave.

4. Prints by Aya Kakeda- surreal prints by the super cute Japan/NY artist.

3. MX jeans- Angie designs for this company and it has been a consistent top seller at HQ. Simple cute clothing for everybody.

2. Team Macho- "The Life Of Sam Bryce" limited edition book of pull out prints from the TO based art collective. They just did the cover for the newest Barenaked Ladies album, but don't hold it against them.

1. Jeffrey Brown- pretty much ANY book Jeffrey Brown does is fucking GOLD!!! Top Shelf publishes these amazing graphic journals that pretty much tell the true story of how he meets the girl, falls for girl, dates girl.... and eventually gets dumped by girl. Super funny. And everyone can relate on some level. "Unlikely", "AEIOU", "Clumsy" and "Every Girl Is the End of The World For Me" are all ones to look for!

I hope this was somewhat helpful. Oh, and for the car bound shopper, Amherst is now open again! Thank you very much City of Montreal, for making our street look like the set of a Mad Max movie. Hats off!!


Janick - Nea Jewelry said...

"because top 10's are for morons" - soooo halarious!!
LoOoOove Roadkill!!

Angie & Tyson said...

thank you! I'll be here all night. If you drink, please dont drive.

Anonymous said...

it's not that funny.