Monday, December 04, 2006

Souk@SAT - Confusing mix of letters & symbols, or super great Christmas Bazaar?


This weekend, December 8-10 Headquarters will be showing some of our wares at the Souk@SAT : Christmas Bazar. This is the chance for Tyson and I to show the things we create with our own two little hands in our "spare time" (HA!) We will be selling items from Tysons F.S.U. line of handpainted vintage shoes and purses and silkscreened ties, as well as stuff from my BLUEprint line such as the famous "Secretary Blouse" (aka the reworked 80's silk blouse), silk scarf pillows, bracelet purses, and other various creations.

To explain a little further what the Souk@SAT is all about, here's a little more info:

SOUK [suk] n. m. - 1848 ; Arab word 1. The souk is a marketplace, which has origins dating back to ancient times. 2. FIG FAM. Within the souk, one might expect to find almost anything. What a souk!

SOUK@SAT [sukatsat] n. - 2003 ; mingled word 1. Bazaar organized like a huge loft where you can find a multitude of Montreal’s contemporary creations.?2. Idea place to find original, stylish and well-thought-of gifts in a vivid atmosphere. What a souk !

:: :: ::

Those who hate chain-shopping can breathe a sigh of relief. Nicer, bigger, but still faithful to its mission of showcasing Montreal’s coolest creations, Souk@SAT is reuniting over sixty local artists once-again under the same roof.

For three days, the entire SAT space will be transformed into an immense loft inhabited by young Montreal’s creators : an atmosphere to look forward to ! From the living room to the dining room, from the kid’s bedroom to the parent’s bedroom, from the bar (yes, you can have a drink while you shop!) to the walk-in closet, Souk@SAT proposes gifts that won’t accumulate dust once unwrapped. So, do yourself some good, the admission is free and everything you will be seeing, smelling, touching or listening to at Souk@SAT is absolutely unique... Happy souk to you all!

:: :: ::

Not only will Headquarters be showing their wares, but throughout the exhibition you will definitely find some familiar faces from the HQ family such as Furni Creations, Broundoor, Roadkill, PinPals, Complex Geometries, Vanessa Moore and quite a few more that I can't remember right now!

So stop by and say "hi" to Tyson and myself this weekend, and get a little of your Christmas shopping out of the way so you can buy some stuff for yourself later in the month! Oh, and for those not heading in the SAT direction, HQ will still be open on Thursday, Friday and Saturday, you just won't be seeing Tysons glowing face!

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The SAT exhibition space is located at 1195 Saint-Laurent boulevard
Telephone: +1 (514) 844-2033
Fax: +1 (514) 982-6093

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Kristen said...

we have something like this in Tampa this weekend, except yours has a cooler name!