Thursday, December 07, 2006

"It's Probably Worth More Than That!" Part 1

So the Christmas show last weekend was pretty kick ass! See for yourself...

Our pal Krista *photo by Simon Law

superstar Chrissy Cheung *photo by Simon Law

Angie did a whole crapload of baking for the show. Everything was delish! *photo by Simon Law

Angie *photo by Simon Law

our pal Aaron *photo by Simon Law

Many out of towners requested to see some pics of the art so they could also have a chance to pick up some for themselves or as Christmas gifts. So, here is a small portion of some of the amazing work. I'll be posting this in two parts because there is so much of it! If you are interested in anything, just shoot us an email and I can provide you with availability, sizes or any other info you need.

Various by Josh Taylor (sorry for the lousy photo Josh) $100.00 for lrg $55.00 for small

"Temptation" $85.00 "See Legs" $75.00 & "Red Hare" $65.00 by Leilani R.Edelman

"The Avenger" $75.00 "I Have Arrived" $!00.00 & "Where You'll Find Me" $50.00 by Jenn Porreca

Sketches by Jeffrey Brown $15.00 each

"Cigg Butts" mixed media by Jason Kennett $15.00 each

Screenprint by Evan Melnyk $100.00 framed $40.00 unframed

Screenprints by Evan Melnyk $75.00 framed $25.00 unframed

"Skiddlybop" by Neil Doshi Screenprint $20.00

Screenprints by Coco Khan $88.00 for large $66.00 for small

Small grouping by Aya Kakeda. Ink on paper $40.00 each She did these while she was sunbathing in Mexico... Lucky!

"Under Ramp 1 & 2" mixed media by Steve De Bruyn $&5.00 each

More to come!!

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Beth said...

Looks like a fun time! Wish I could have been part of it!