Saturday, December 23, 2006

Outfits of the Week, Dec. 23 2006

Well well well, the craziness has really begun...

I hope all your Christmas shopping is done people, 'cause I pity the fool who heads for the stores anytime between today and tomorrow!

We're still hanging around at HQ today until 6, and we decided to come in tomorrow (that's Christmas eve folks!) from 11:00-4:00pm, for all you last minute panicky people. Hopefully we can help you find those last few things you need to top up your list. Tyson listed some great ideas in the previous post, but we've also just recieved some new great items, as well as some old favorites:

-great little handmade booties for the baby on your list, as well as grown up sized bootie/slippers. Soooo toasty!

-2" wide button mirrors that come with their own little velvet pouch by My Favorite Mirror, very popular so far for stocking stuffers, add-on presents, or just a little something special for a friend. At $8 a pop, they're a good deal too!

-Not sure what to get your 14 year old cousin who hates everything and hangs out in his room playing video games all the time? We may have the solution with our hand screenprinted christmas cards with a macabre edge. Picture Reservoir dogs with candy cane guns and a few blood splatters thrown in for good luck. Stick a little cash in the card for the boy and see him crack a half-smile when he opens it. That's as good as you'll get I'm afraid!

Now, on with the outfits! (get ready for fancy New Years outfits after Christmas!)

Striped drapy top by Bodybag by Jude (Montreal), Black suede and elastic vintage belt, stretch twill pencil skirt with front slit by Valerie Dumaine (Montreal), "Chanel" style quilted vintage purse.

Red handfelted scarf (worn as shrug) by Olivin Designs (Winnipeg), Tweed dress with polka dot lining by Homebaked Fashions (Montreal), Owl/leaf necklace with chain by Charcoal Designs (USA), vintage snakeskin purse.

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