Thursday, December 14, 2006

Bodybag by Jude

Wow, in the past few days we have received SOOOOOO much new stock in the store, Tyson had to go out and buy more hangers!!!

One of the great new lines we just got in is Bodybag by Jude. This line is a Montreal classic, a staple of great design in the tough indie fashion industry since 1995. Designed by Judith Desjardins this clubwear/streetwear line defined its true identity in 1998 with the creation of the Bodybag label.

The Bodybag look is renowned for the designs created from various styles and materials, allowing the sense of detailed chic and sensual well being to shine through. Noteworthy points are the ingenious combination of materials such as knittings, microfleece, denim and corduroy. One sees more than merely zippers, hoods and elegant lines, but the very definition of the Bodybag aesthetic. The elements with which each woman can express a truly unique style.

We're super happy to be showing Judiths great designs and high quality clothing. There are some great tops perfect for holidy parties in her collection, not to mention a great hip length winter coat! So stop by HQ this weekend and see some of the new stuff.

If you're in the Mile End area, why not stop by the freshly opened Bodybag shop?
17 Bernard West (corner of St. Laurent)

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