Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Red Jeans have arrived!

Back home in small town Manitoba, when we were in grade 2 (I think) my best friend Cara discovered she had to get glasses. She was not happy. The only saving grace was that she got these cool pink pearly finish glasses. Problem solved, time to get on with life.

A couple of days later we were playing dodgeball (or was it Dr. Dodge?) in the gym, and WHAM! Grant Kendall smacks her right in the face with a ball. Her face got cut and her new glasses were destroyed. Off to the optometrist/eyeglass shop for a new pair. This is where the drama begins.

At the time, Cara had only one colour she despised: RED. She wouldn't even eat most red food at this time, never mind wear red clothing, and ESPECIALLY never mind red eyeglasses. But, lo and behold, in the wonderful city of Winnipeg, the only colour of glasses she could get until her new ones were ready were glaringly red, and almost EXACTLY the same as the ones pictured above.

I'm not sure if she ever totally forgave Grant Kendall, but I know she got over her hatred of red, and actually now works in an Eyeglass Center/Optometrist office. I'm sure the new jeans we're getting in stock tonight would totally throw her over the edge to the point of LOVING red.

The jeans are actually more of a smooth stretchy twill fabric (not too thin though), and they come in the Penelope fit (named after 60's model Penelope Tree) from MX Jeans (same as the other skinny denim we have in the store). I think this fit is absolutely great, the rise is not too low, not too high, and they are skinny without being bloodflow stopping.

At the price of $90, good luck finding something similar anywhere else! This style was made in limited quantities, so if you're dying for some red jeans, stop by this Sat. and try a pair on!

AND, if red's not your thing, we also have white, perfect for New Years!


Vanessa said...

I totally remember those glasses!! But Cara - they looked good on you.
Dodgeball should be banned from schools - too many accidents!!

Angie & Tyson said...

Seriously! Grant Kendall could throw pretty frickin' hard for a 10 year old, I think Cara's glasses were not the only casualty, and having the teacher say "no throwing at peoples heads" just doesn't sink in to 10 year old boys!