Friday, December 08, 2006

Weekend style on a Christmas budget

OK, everyone has now really begun to get into their Christmas shopping. And although it's fun to pick out gifts for other people it doesn't leave a ton of room in the budget for buying stuff for yourself. So what's a girl to do? How to get that fashion fix without spending the big bucks?

Here's a quick fix for the weekend, using some things you probably already have in your closet:
1- simple white shirt
2- wide black belt (we have quite at few down at HQ for pretty damn cheap if you're looking for one)
3- black scarf or strip of fabric
4- fabulous purse of any kind

Check out the above pic, the girl looks very put-together and fresh, but there's no ONE special totally unattainable piece of clothing on her (OK other than her amazing purse, but dammit, you have your own great purse at home, I know you do). So what it comes down to is styling, styling, styling. This look could work with many different types of white shirt as well, and a solid coloured purse would work great as well. I wouldn't recommend a black or white purse though, the outfit needs that little punch of colour.

So don't let your extra light wallet get you down, dig through that closet and work it out this weekend!

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