Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Shirt ... Dress .... Shirt

Ever since I got a pair of tights and a tights/tank onesie (I don't know what the hell to call it, surely not a "catsuit"?!) last spring I've been obsessed with the concept of being super comfortable yet looking super stylish at the same time. Previously, I thought it was rarely possible. Granted, sometimes you just want to throw on some impractical shoes, jeans that you can't sit down in and super heavy, painfully dangly earrings, but sometimes you want it all, and what the hell is wrong with that?!

In this journey of mine to find more and more perfect outfits that increase my comfort and style level equally I have: designed (what I think) is the perfect MEDIUM rise skinny jean (Penelope), fallen in love with heather grey, and have vowed to only get haircuts that require NO work whatsoever.

I've now stumbled upon the next step in my "lazy fashion" itinerary: the shirt dress

I'm not sure what it is, but something about it just says "cool" to me. Just throw it on over skinny jeans or tights, chuck on a belt, and you look put together. That being said however, I DO think the key to this look is fabulous shoes. I mean, picture the same look with weird trainers or chunky heeled ugly boots (I have no other way of explaining the boots I mean, but I think it should be pretty clear). Yuck. As always, shoes are the maker or breaker. I think flats are great for summer/spring, and flat/low heeled mid/calf boots are great for fall. Oh, or ankle boots with skinny jeans. Very nice.

A quick way to get this look is to throw on your boyfriends/dads/boy-friends striped dress shirt that he never wears anyway. That is, unless you and your boyfriend are the same size ... as is my case (yeah yeah I know "we look soooo cute together" he loves that) Therefore I just get my comfortable self down to the closest thrift shop and pick one up. Done ... and ... done!

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