Thursday, December 14, 2006

Outfits of the Week - December 14/06

Oh boy, have I ever been slacking on the outfits. However, now that we received a replacement digital camera for an early christmas present (thanks Rich and Gloria!) things should be back on track!

Handknitted neck cuff by Hollie Dzama (Montreal), brown french terry blazer by MX Jeans (Montreal), hand beaded shirt by Candy Rot (Los Angeles), vintage chain strap purse with tassle, jeans by MX Jeans, vintage stretch rope belt with enameled buckle, and vintage beige boots.

Teal jersey top by Supayana (New York), striped purse with fishbowl applique by Roadkill (Montreal), silver chain necklace with leather crosses by Vanessa Moore (Montreal), black stretch twill skinny pants by Valerie Dumaine (Montreal) and beige vintage boots.


Anonymous said...

Woo outfit number 2!!!!

Did you guys sell any Supayana yet?


Angie & Tyson said...

Not yet, but quite a few people have been trying them on! Everyone's buying little x-mas gifts right now, nothing for themselves!

Anonymous said...

you canadians are all so selfless! people still buy stuff for themselves here. hehe.