Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Winter Shorts - Oxymoron or way to take advantage of a warm December?

Wow, the weather over the past week has been really great! I've heard a few people make their whiney little complaints:

"it doesn't feel like Christmas without snow, I sure hope it snows again soon"

whah whah whah. Personally I could handle one Christmas without snow, and would feel just as festive. Bring on the cookies and rumballs!

To take advantage of this warm weather, why not try out some wintery shorts. I know what you may be thinking "What!? Is she mental, does she REALIZE what country we live in?" Ok so maybe this doesn't apply to my friends back home in Winnipeg, but for those of us living in a more humane climate, this look is totally doable.

Take a peek at the pics for a variety of ways to pull it together. I think the key to staying warm and not looking out of season is to layer, layer, layer (as usual) and keep the colours fallish. Nice boots or heels always help as well!

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